Used Medical Equipment

Olympus (3/3)

  • Olympus BH-2 Microscope w DP71 Attachment 5 Objectives x10 x20 x40 x100 xFL2
  • Olympus CH-2 Two Head Binocular Microscope with 4 Objective Lenses
  • OLYMPUS EVIS EXERA II CV-180/CLV-180 Video System Center
  • Used Olympus SZ30 SZ3060 Stereo Zoom Microscope 18-80X With Eyepieces
  • Microscope Objective Adapter for Olympus Neo 25mm RMS
  • Olympus SZ30 SZ3060 stereo microscope body
  • Olympus SZ30 SZ3060 stereo zoom Microscope head
  • Olympus SZ40 SZ4045 Microscope WithVideo port & LED Light
  • Olympus EVIS EXERA II CV-180 / CLV-180 Endoscopy Endoscope includes Keyboard